domingo, 15 de febrero de 2009

Lenny Estable

así es Lenny es estable desde el 14 de Febrero del 2009 y el nuevo inestable será Squeeze.... aquí cito una entrada de Joerg Jaspert:

Lenny Release

Joerg Jaspert

I just finished most of my jobs for the Lenny release. I started, together with Mark Hymers, at 10:23 UTC. This was ahead schedule, which said 12:00 UTC, but better early than late. After disabling all our ftpmaster cronjobs, setting up our work environment and whatever else we needed and at 10:43 UTC we got the Release Teams GO. All of what we did got logged from screen, as we intend to write a dak tool doing such releases.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with a detailed set of actions we had to took, way too much for now, just some few moments (All times in UTC):

  • [10:23] turned off all cronjobs

  • [10:43] Release Team GO

  • [12:00] etch is now oldstable

  • [13:07] lenny is now stable

  • [13:28] squeeze is born (and lot of the work for it was parallel with the lenny work)

  • [14:18] the cd-builder host gets an exclusive push so people can start building cd images.

  • [15:34] squeeze is now grown up enough to be ready for the world. Most of the other work that had to be on the ftp-master machine before we are done is also done. ftp-master is ready for regular work again (but won’t do any yet).

  • [15:40] Lets start the work for the security archive

  • [16:54] The security archive is ready

para obtener la version estable dirigirse a la pagina oficial:

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